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      After a few hours cruising in Brixham, noticed I’d taken on a few pints of water into the hull [Mark 2] .

      Where is the likely culprit for this ingress or should I just ignore it?

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      Duncan Greenhalgh

      Hello Alan – hope you enjoyed Brixham

      A little bit of water in the tanks is not an issue. However if you want to seal in my experience the hatch covers and bungs are the first area to look at:

      Consider re-seating the hatch bases on silicon and renewing the cover gasgets. Same applies to bungs in the transom, the ‘O’ rings quickly deteriorate for some reason I change mine on a regular basis.

      If you still get water in the tanks after sealing hatches and bungs look at screw fixing blocks etc to the floor.

      Let me know if you cannot find anything obvious I’ll explain how I check for leaks.





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      Oliver Shaw

      I have found in the past that (with the fairly ubiquitous circular screw-down hatches) even when the hatch bases are properly sealed to the hull,  water tends to leak in between the hatch covers and their bases.


      I found this even with my brand new GP14 (brand new at the time,  that is).


      Renewing the (brand new) cover gaskets,  which are a poor fit,  was not much help.      What did solve the problem was either of two approaches;   plumbers’ PFTE tape wrapped around the screw threads of the hatch covers,  or alternatively heavy waterproof grease  –  the type used externally on outboard engines  –  smeared on the threads.




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      I’ve found vaseline also works pretty well for this purpose

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