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      Hi, some help, I have just bought GP13954 a Speed boat 10 years old, after racing this weekend I find that there was water in the under floor tanks, this is easy to drain from the transom drain bung and others said that these boats tend to leak into this tank through the plate case joint  – is this typical?  My other concern is that is also a small amount of water in the bow tank, any ideas on how water gets into this tank other than by sponging through the hatch? and is there any way to drain the bow tank as it seems to be sealed from the underfloor tanks? Any advice or comments?

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      Hello Steve.  No ideas about bow tank, I’ve never really looked into mine, one of the first Speed boats, 13511, but I have had a crack develop at the transom hole where the floor meets the transom.  It was repaired by Speed several years ago but I have needed to have another go this winter

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      Duncan Greenhalgh

      Hello Steve

      My experience with water in the underfloor and bow tanks of Speed hulls: Invariably water has found its way in through the hatch covers and the transom bung. Have heard of centre board case top joint leaking but personally not had any experience with this.

      I carefully reseal the hatch cover bases on a bed of silicon (sikaflex preferred) and ensure the cover gaskets are in good condition and working, have even made my own gaskets out of silicon which work better.

      Same applies to transom bung; re-seat base and I replace the bung ‘O’ ring on a regular basis.

      After doing above my tanks have remained dry after extensive periods of sailing even after boat has been on its side or upside down.

      With regard to your question about water in and draining the bow tank; there is a bung in the bulkhead between the bow and floor tank. Mine is on the port side. You will find this bung impossible to see, very difficult to access through a hatch and almost impossible to open. In persistence once made a tool to remove one, think it involved a ratchet and extension, sorry did not keep it and forgot the design as I’ve no intention to repeat the operation. Instead will use a sponge and dry inside with a hair drier. With the hatches sealed my philosophy now after every sail is to air the tanks and prevent any pressure build up due to temperature change by removing the bulkhead and stern hatch covers – leave floor hatches sealed if boat is to be left flat or bow down to prevent water in hull entering tanks.

      Hope this helps however if problem persists check other fittings and screws into tanks are sealed and come back for further advice.

      Best regards



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      Thanks guys I am away from home this week but will follow up Duncans comments next week before my next races

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