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      Chris Hearn

      The Association produced this book originally only in printed form. It went through three revisions and sold out! But the good news is that we have now scanned the book and you can read it here!
      Although it was produced in 1996, much of it is still very relevant to today’s GP14 sailors, whether with a modern, older or vintage boat. (e.g. Do you know how to re-thread your halyards in the mast?)

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      Chris Hearn

      How to re-thread your halyards in the mast?

      Ed: The traditional method is described in the Basic Boating Book and is still relevant, but I have also received a note on another method of re-threading halyards (Thanks Oliver!) which may be easier if you have a long rod and enough workspace, as below:

      Note that Richard Estaugh’s stated method for threading the halliards is the old standard method,  which of course works well (including also for wooden masts),  but when I collected a new mast from his firm around ten years ago the method they used was much easier.    However you do need a horizontal working space at least twice the length of the mast;   so for most of us either the club lawn or the boat park would be the place to do the job.

      • Lay the mast horizontal on either a (long) workbench (or resting on two benches spaced apart),  or on the ground.
      • Remove all the halliard sheaves (one would want to do that anyway even in the “standard” method).
      • Remove the heel fitting.
      • Make up a very long wooden batten,  at least as long as the mast,  with a wire hook or loop on the end.
      • Push this batten up the mast to the appropriate halliard sheave,  hook on the halliard,  and pull it through.
      • Pull the halliard out through the appropriate aperture at the bottom.
      • Re-insert sheaves and heel fitting.

      Job done!

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