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      I have recently purchased a mk1 GRP gp14, (approx 1977)  she has never been fitted with a spinnaker. Does anyone have any photographs or drawings of how the spinnaker system (pole, sheets, halyard) would have been set up? I am looking for a simple system.  The mast has the sheaves and pole eye in place, but nothing on the deck. I am also looking for a 2nd hand spinnaker if anyone has one (old with no stuffing is fine as long as fabric is not rotten). Thanks sally

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      Oliver Shaw

      I am fairly sure that my paper reviewing (early) spinnaker rigging systems is in the Members’ Library,  and it is certainly also on the GP14 Owners Online Community site.

      I hasten to add that in this case to a very large extent I merely collated the work of others,  much of it from “The Basic Boating Book” which used to be published by the Association but which I suspect is now out of print  –  although it would be worth an enquiry to the Office to see whether we have any copies left.



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