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      Returning to the fold after a number of years away either crewless or sailing my Hornet.

      I began racing at Chester in 3960 in my early teens or borrowing my dads boat 10704 (still racing after many repairs) but like any teenager the need for speed took hold and a couple of hornets and international 14s later I want something I can actually race competitively and do some of the north west circuit and events with and after borrowing a wooden mk2 and a speed mk2a the GP bug is back.


      I was going to join the association last night but theres no mention of a direct debit option on the online shop?


      Also if anyone knows of a good reasonably priced 13000+ mk2 going in the Northwest id like to know


      Steve (formally 3960)






















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      Duncan Greenhalgh

      Welcome back Steve – hope we’ll meet up on the circuit next year.

      Please will you send your contact details to Julie in the office, sure will sort membership out for you. don’t hesitate to contact me direct if can’t get it sorted

      Suggest you put a ‘wanted’ ad on the classified page for a boat never know someone may be thinking of changing.

      Best wishes


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      Hi Duncan

      I’ll contact Juile at the office tomorrow and get it set up.

      I’ve got my eye on a couple of boats at the minute even though Apolloduck and ebay are coming up a bit short, but I’m sure thats just because its December. I’ll put a wanted up in the classifieds as you say someone may well be looking for a newer boat for next season.


      Cheers Steve


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      Step one complete now a fully paid up member… just need to find a boat….

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      Good to have you back. I’m going to be advertising 13736 in the New Year. Contact me if I can help


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      I’ve got 13796, and I’m in Wrexham, so not too far! Needs a bit of varnish work, hence the price in the classified.


      drop me a line if your interested.



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      Sad to find my old GP14 3960 on ebay today…….she looks terrible considering she was still racing when I sold her 🙁

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