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      Chris Hearn

      I currently know of two methods. The first is the “traditional” way, which is described in the “Basic Boating Book”. This is done with the mast upright.
      The second method for a horizontal mast uses a long rod (thanks for details Oliver!)

      Have a look at the post at the top of the forum list called “Basic Boating Book”  and the comment below it for details.

      I hope that helps someone!

      Happy sailing 🙂

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      Not tried it. But filed away in the grey matter for one day: tie/tape a thin messenger line to a hex screwdriver bit and using a strong magnet, draw the bit along to the exit, then tie the halyard to the line & pull through. Old hard drives are good sources of seriously strong magnets, or eBay.

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      Oliver Shaw

      I like the magnet idea.

      Do try it out,  and let us know how you get on … !



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      I used a “fish” the type used to run wires through conduit or a hollow wall. It’s a semi-flexible coil of plastic. I taped the halyard to the end and ran it through the mast while it was sitting in my basement. Worked a treat

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