In Perth the Australian contingent is getting out the winter woollies, with temperatures dropping down into the 20s we have drawn the curtains on another season and now revert to our ‘once-a-month’ winter series.

Monts Bay S.C. Australia - on the beach
Mounts Bay S.C. Perth, Australia – on the beach

It has certainly been an odd season weather-wise proving climate change is definitely out there with this year having a noticeable negative effect on our normally reliable hot sunny days with the guaranteed afternoon breeze from the Fremantle Doctor. However, we do have to continually remind ourselves that others over the bright blue yonder are less fortunate than us and would give their eye teeth to sail in our conditions!

Like so many other sailing clubs we too struggle to maintain numbers of Geeps on the water, with most races now only achieving single numbers resulting in some of the events held with our sister club Dunsborough Bay being cancelled due to lack of participants. The cause of this demise is hard to pinpoint and certainly not down to any single item but appears to be a result of modern societal change occurring worldwide. Progress? Maybe, but has it improved our lifestyle? Therein lies an imponderable question.

Bruce Quail – Mounts Bay Sailing Club, Perth