Barbados results

Results from the 2016 GP14 World Championship in Barbados.

Races 8 and 9 sponsored by HD Sails and Creation Covers
HD Sails is owned and managed by Jim Hunt and current GP14 World Champion Andy Davis. Both have a long history of hands on sailmaking and are responsible for many development campaigns that have led to Championship winning designs. Every sail we supply is either computer cut or hand cut at the loft and assembled by Jim or Andy. We appreciate that buying sails is a serious investment. All the sails are made with the same attention to detail and finishing that means you can be assured that you are buying the same quality of product that the champions use.

Creation Covers is a company specialising in boat covers and accessories, providing a high level of service at good value to the customer. They supply a wide range of standard dinghy covers and can provide bespoke one off covers based on the needs of the individual.

Race 7 sponsored by Typhoon Covers

Typhoon Covers manufacture and supply a range of textile based products for the boat enthusiast. Run by sailing enthusiasts. We’ve been making covers since 1985 so understand the needs of sailors and what they are looking for. We use only Quality materials. Our top covers are made from 450gsm PVC Polyester, not to be confused with the cheap imports which may shrink. it is tough, UV treated, long lasting and waterproof with no shrinkage. All necessary fastenings, including webbing under hull straps and nylon quick release buckles, are supplied.

Races 6 sponsored by Zhik
Tested and proven, Zhik gear is the clear winning choice of Olympic and World champions around the world. Fast wet gear products including the revolutionary T2 harness for trapeze sailors, PowerPads for hiking sailors, Superwarm Wetsuits, Microfleece, Hybrid gear and high tech footwear. Gear for dinghy sailing, yachting, paddling, SUP boarding and kite board racing, join the growing league of athletes who are embracing brilliantly waterproof breathable & durable gear in events such as the America’s Cup, Vendée Globe & Sydney to Hobart. Shop direct with Zhik online or find a retailer near you for high performance wetsuits, thermals and much more.

Race 4 sponsored by SP Boats
With eighteen years’ experience in the marine trade, Steve Parker can offer the most extensive knowledge of sailing dinghy under one roof.
We have built boats such as GP14s, Solos, Enterprises, Albacores, Miracle, Mirror, Streakers, Hornets, etc. We have also fitted out countless boats from the most basic to the most technical such as Flying 15s, Merlin’s, Fireballs, International 14s, Phantoms, etc. With this wealth of knowledge we can sort any of your sailing needs.
Steve Parker Boats offer a full range of Dinghy Covers for quick no fuss delivery, we manufacture in house flat, over boom, undercover’s, we can also make custom made boat covers.

Races 2 and 3 sponsored by EXE Sails and Covers
At Exe Sails & Covers, we believe in the personal touch, that when you are buying a sail, not only is it important to talk to the sailmaker who will do the work, but that your needs are met and your opinions taken on board.
Chris Scanes has been serving Topsham, Devon and the rest of the UK since 1983, as well as working for a number of reputable sail makers before that. With over 50 years combined experience in the sailmaking, marine and canvas manufacturing industries, we have a wealth of knowledge at our disposal to help in delivering the best service possible.  During the summer of 2013, Sam, Mac and Chris decided that to be able to offer the best service and as broad a range of products as possible, it was necessary to merge together and form a new business. Building on the skills and knowledge that Chris Scanes has built up over his many years in sailmaking and the passion we have for sailing, our team are offering and delivering new services and products within and outside the marine industry.

Race 1 sponsored by WEST SYSTEM RESINS
Wessex manufactures WEST SYSTEM epoxy products. Developed over five decades, WEST is the leading general-purpose marine epoxy, used in boat building, repair and maintenance of all types of marine craft. In addition, Wessex has an online magazine,, which is dedicated to sharing expert epoxy knowledge with the international boat building community.  Whether you’re using epoxy on a dinghy, a tall ship, or anything in between, visit for the best advice, top tips, tricks of the trade and details of inspiring projects from leading boat builders and hobbyists.

Latest Prize List

1 West Systems 1st Gold Fleet Matt Burge & Paul Childs Poole YC Hayling SC/GBR
1 West Systems 2nd Gold Fleet Ian Dobson & Andy Tunnicliffe RWYC/Burwain SC/GBR
1 West Systems 3rd Gold Fleet Shane McCarthy & Andy Davis Greystones SC/IRL
1 West Systems 1st Silver Fleet Jonathan Carter & Gareth Wilkinson Chelmarsh SC/GBR
1 West Systems 2nd Silver Fleet Norman Lee & Kevin Martyn Greystones SC/IRL
1 West Systems 3rd Silver Fleet Robert & Ross Gingles East Antrim Boat Club/IRL
1 West Systems 1st Bronze Fleet Sam Thompson & Leanne Hibberd Royal Navy Sailing Association/GBR
1 West Systems 2nd Bronze Fleet Hugh Devereux & Malcolm Bird Budworth SC/GBR
1 West Systems 3rd Bronze Fleet Adam & Tracey Deary Poole YC/GBR
2 Exe Sails & Covers 20th/Holdalls JP & Carolyn McCaldin Lough Erne and Sligo YC/Ireland
2 Exe Sails & Covers 40th/Holdalls Charlie Glumeau & Neil Hutchinson BSA/Barbados
2 Exe Sails & Covers 60th/Holdalls Arthur & Fiona Logan Castle Semple SC/GBR
2 Exe Sails & Covers 80th/Bag Stephen Thompson & Martin Boobyer Poole YC/GBR
3 Exe Sails & Covers 30th/Bag Norman Lee & Kevin Martyn Greystones SC/Ireland
3 Exe Sails & Covers 50th/Bag Pete Craggs & Phil Nelson York Railway Institute /GBR
3 Exe Sails & Covers 70th/Bag Duncan & Gail Fraser Ceylon YC/Sri Lanka
3 Exe Sails & Covers 89th/Bag Christopher & Jamie Winslow BSA/Barbados
4 SP Boats 5th/Spinnaker Sheet JP & Carolyn McCaldin Loch Ernes YC/Sligo YC/IRE
4 SP Boats 10th/Spinnaker Sheet Neal Gibson & Geoff Phillips Redoubt SC/GBR
4 SP Boats 15th/Spinnaker Sheet John Billington & Tony Hotchkisss  South Staffs SC/GBR
4 SP Boats 20th/Main Sheet Graham Flynn & Adam Froggatt Chase SC/GBR
4 SP Boats 25th/Main Sheet Will Hawkins & Sam Thomson South Staffs SC/GBR
4 SP Boats 30th/Main Sheet Andrew Clewer & Mark Taylor Poole YC/GBR
4 SP Boats 35th/Genoa Sheet Paul & Tom Simes Cardiff Bay SC/GBR
4 SP Boats 40th/Genoa Sheet Simon Cully & Libby Tierney Blessington SC/IRL
4 SP Boats 45th/Genoa Sheet Alistair Ireland & Phillipa Benson Glasgow University Solway YC/GBR
4 SP Boats 55th/Wallet and Fid Neil Burke & Brian Gibbs Barbados SA/BAR
4 SP Boats 60th/Wallet and Fid Nick & Ellie Devereux Budworth SC/GBR
4 SP Boats 65th/Wallet and Fid Michael Cox & Josh Porter Newtonards SC/IRL
6 Zhik 1st Gold/Polo Shirts Nick Craig & Toby Lewis GBR
6 Zhik 2nd Gold/Polo Shirts Matt Burge & Paul Childs Poole YC/GBR
6 Zhik 3rd Gold/Spandex Blue Pale Green Mike Senior & Chris White South Staffs SC/GBR
6 Zhik 1st Silver/ Hydrophic Fleece Neal Gibson & Geoff Phillips Redoubt SC/GBR
6 Zhik 2nd Silver/Polo Shirts Simon Redhead & Steve Brown Poole YC/GBR
6 Zhik 3rd Silver/ Shorts/Spandex Sam Thompson & Leanne Hibberd Royal Navy Sailing Association/GBR
6 Zhik 1st Bronze/ Power Pads Nick Brandon & Vicky Ford South Staffs SC
6 Zhik 2nd Bronze/ Spandex Top Sam & Mark Collingwood Chelmarsh SC
6 Zhik 3rd Bronze /Spandex Top Colin Symes & Michael Worme Barbados Sailing Association/BAR
6 Zhik 1st Lady Helm /Visor Joanne Lammens
6 Zhik 1st All Youth Boat /Visor Will Hawkins & Sam Thomson South Staffs SC/GBR
6 Zhik 1st Family /Visor JP & Carolyn McCaldin Loch Ernes YC/Sligo YC/IRE
6 Zhik 1st Under 45 boat / Visor Lawrence Creaser & Andy Hunter Northampton SC /South Staffs SC/GBR
6 Zhik 1st Youth Crew Jack Bennett Shustoke SC/GBR

Final Night Prizegiving

A. Section 1:         Special Trophies



Awarded to these who are Highest Placed Overall Awarded To


The Bell World Trophy First Overseas Helm


Jason Tindale Robert Povey  14178



The Bells of Aberdyfi Presented by Roger Owen Helm/Crew over 45yrs


Neil Marsden Derek Hill 13654

Blackpool and Fleetwood SC GBR

Young Competitors trophy (helm & crew) Combined ages under 45 yrs


Lawrence Creaser Andy Hunter 14174

Northampton SC  South Staffs SC  GBR

Association Youth Trophy (Helm) Helm under 21 yrs


Nick Devereux   13721

 Budworth SC GBR

Association Youth  Trophy (Crew) Crew under 21 yrs


Jack Bennett  14182


Shustoke SC GBR

Ladies Trophy 1st Lady Helm


Brenda Preston  Donagadhee  SC  IRL
Worlds Ton-up Trophy


Combined ages 100 yrs


Neil Marsden Derek Hill 13654

Blackpool and Fleetwood SC GBR

Geest Trophy Last placed boat finishing all 10 races Richard  Inniss  Franchero  Ellis



Bajan Sailor Trophy Highest placed Bajan boat Jason Tindale  Robert Povey 14178



Series one Trophy Highest placed Series 1 boat 12152  Charlie Glumeau Neil Hutchinson

 BSA Barbados

Youngest Helm Ralph Chaplin  13700

Blackpool and Fleetwood  SC GBR

B.      Section 2:  Individual Races


Trophy For Awarded To
The Thorpe Bay Trophy


Winner, Race 1


Matt Burge; Paul Childs 14095


The Thames Marine Trophy

New plaque needed

Winner, Race 2


Ian Dobson; Andy Tunnicliffe 14186


The International Yacht Equipment  Trophy


Winner, Race 3


Richard Instone Jim Toothill  14118


The Moore Trophy yacht Winner, Race 4


Mike Senior; Chris White 14187


The Southend County Borough Trophy Winner, Race 5


Ian Dobson; Andy Tunnicliffe  14186


The SCYC Trophy Winner, Race 6


Nick Craig Toby Lewis  14023


The Speed Sails  Trophy Winner, Race 7


Shane McCarthy Andy Davies 14158

Greystones SC IRL

The Mailspeed Marine Trophy Winner, Race 8


Matt Burge Paul Childs  14095  POOLE YC  Haling Island SC GBR
Winner Race 9 Nick Craig Toby Lewis  14023

Burghfield SC Frensham Pond SC


Winner Race 10 Matt Burge Paul Childs  14095

Poole YC GBR


C.      Section 3: Overall

1.    Bronze Fleet

Trophy For Awarded To
3rd overall Sam and Mark Collingwood

Chelmarsh SC  GBR

2nd overall Colin Symes  Michael Worme

BSA Barbados

Bronze Fleet winner Hugh Devereux Malcolm Bird  Budworth SC  GBR

2.    Silver Fleet

Trophy For Awarded To
3rd overall Jonathan Carter Gareth Wilkinson

Chelmarsh SC GBR

2nd overall Neal Gibson Geoff Phillips

Redoubt SC GBR

Silver Fleet winner Sam Thompson Leanne Hibberd  Royal Navy Sailing Ass

3.    Championship

Trophy For Awarded To
6th place Sam Watson Andy Thompson Nantwich and Border SC
5th place Mike Senior Chris White

South Staffs SC  GBR

4th place Matt Burge Paul Childs

 Poole YC GBR

3rd place Nick Craig Toby Lewis 

Burghfield SC Frencham SC   GBE

2nd place Ian Dobson Andy Tunnicliffe

 RWYC Burwain SC GBE

The Troon SC Trophy Leading Crew


Andy Davies 

 Blithfield SC    GBR

The World Championship Trophy Championship winner


Shane McCarthy  14158 Greystones SC Ireland