Racing for the FULL 24 Hours at Southport

£500 Duffin, 24 Hours, 0 Beers

Two brothers from The Chase Sailing Club will be taking on the full 24 hour race challenge at West Lancs YC this year for advocacy charity POhWER. Eden and Josh Hyland are more usually seen racing in Blazes with Eden being a two time National Champion and Josh finishing third at this year’s event.

Attempting the full 24 hours has been a dream of Josh’s since he joined Chase 14 years ago but usually the lure of the bar has restricted their stints to a couple of hours at a time, until they bought a £500 Duffin earlier this year.

“We did the GP14 Worlds last year in a borrowed boat and really enjoyed it so had started to think about buying a boat to do up,” explains Josh. “As soon as we found one I suggested doing the WLYC 24 hour race to Eden as I have always wanted to do it.”

“The boat is a Duffin, number 13196 and it needed a lot of work,” continues Eden. “We have completely stripped it down and re-painted and varnished it and are now in the process of fitting it out which Allen and English Braids have been very kind to help us with.”

The boys are excited and daunted by the prospect of 24 hours sailing but hope the thought of raising money for a good cause will help spur them on. “I think the half way point is going to be the hardest part of the event,” comments Josh, “that will be the point we realise we have to do the same all over again. It would be horrible doing the whole 24 hours if you knew it was for nothing so we are happy we are doing it for a good cause. We wanted to do a charity that doesn’t get much funding and helps so many people out as we have had problems with mental health in our family its seemed a good idea to pick a charity helping those with mental health issues and POhWER provides advice, support, and advocacy to people who experience disability, vulnerability, distress, and social exclusion.”

After a 24 hour solo bid by Josh to drink the bar dry last year, how will the pair cope with the long, beer free, event?! Josh is optimistic: “Hopefully there wont be any arguments but we are both competitive so as long as everything goes smoothly it will be a nice and calm boat.”

I always love sailing with my brother, I like how we are constantly pushing each other to the limit and neither of us like to give up or settle for second best,” adds Eden.

You will be able to follow their progress at the event on the Chase facebook page and donations welcome via their Go fund Me page: