Exclusive to members of the GP14 Class International Association

The GP14 Class International Association is pleased to announce that we are trialing a Preferential Purchasing Scheme in collaboration with companies involved in the dinghy sailing industry, to obtain a discount of 10% on the list prices of their products for the benefit of our members.

Participating companies have agreed to give a 10% discount to GP14 Association members on the list price of their products.

Each member will be issued with a ‘unique recognition number’ (URN) for each of the participating companies, which must be quoted with orders.

The URNs will be issued from the Association office and the lists will be updated as more companies join the scheme. URNs are not transferable and should not be passed on to non-members.

The URNs will be changed annually.

To date, the following companies are participating in the scheme:

Dinghy Rope (contact Andrew on 07793 953564)

Exe Sails (contact Sam on 01392 874449)  exe_sails
Gingerboats (contact Phil on 07800 896818)
(The discount offer applies to refurbishments, repairs, foils, fixtures and fittings)
Hyde Sails (contact Dave Hall on 07525 271500)  Hyde mini
Mersea Trailers (0870 9099887 / 0845 521690)  mersea



Watch this space for further news, as more companies join the scheme.

To take advantage of the Preferential Purchasing Scheme, contact the Association Office to obtain your URN.