Irish GP14 success: Shane McCarthy & Andy Thompson

Shane McCarthy and Andy ThompsonCongratulations (again!) to GP14 sailors Shane McCarthy and Andy Thompson of Greystones SC, who just missed out on the Irish Sailor of the Year 2015, but were named the Afloat Sailors of the Month in August, and received their certificates at a Dublin ceremony in February 2016.

Dun Laoghaire Yachtsman Liam Shanahan was named the 2015 Afloat Irish Sailor of the Year at the Irish Sailing Awards in Dublin on 4 Feb 2016. Congratulations also to him!

According to the AFLOAT review, 2015 was “very much the year for the GP14 dinghy at the top levels of the popularity polls in Irish dinghy sailing“. As well as a very successful year’s sailing in Ireland, including winning the All-Ireland championship, Shane and Andy won the UK National Championship.

  • Report on the awards ceremony plus further photos here
  • Report from August 2015 on the award of Sailor of the Month to Shane and Andy here
  • Further details also from the GP14 Ireland website

Photos: INPHO/Cathal Noonan