News from Barbados, 19 March 2016

IMG-20160319-WA00119 March 2016
All eleven GP14 containers are now safely at the Barbados Yacht Club. Four containers remain to be released by Customs and they will be inspected at BYC on Tuesday. All boats are in great shape. It looks like they have travelled well. Looks like the 2016 GP14 Worlds are a go!


Status report, 17 March 2016
More good news! The remaining four containers, three from Ireland and the Wigan container, have been released from the port. They will be cleared by customs this evening and tomorrow evening. All containers will then be transported to and then craned into the Yacht Club on Saturday morning at about 04.00 am.

A great service from RDL Logistics Services ~ thank you.


Further update, 6 March 2016
Good news! The first 4 GP14 containers have been cleared by customs and are safely on site at the Barbados Yacht Club. No sign of shipping damage and the containers have been re-locked and I will keep the keys until GP14 officials arrive.
I will update as more containers arrive.

See you soon

Gus Reader
President, Barbados Sailing Association

Latest update … 3 March 2016
Nine (9) GP14 Sailing Dinghies: VICU8880530
Nine (9) GP14 Sailing Dinghies: VANU8881848
Nine (9) GP14 Sailing Dinghies: VICU6600883
Nine (9) GP14 Sailing Dinghies: ECMU9073670

Duty-free concession document received in-hand from the Ministry of Finance.
To proceed with customs clearance, delivery and examination of the containers today 03/03/2016.

Transport and crainage of the containers into the Barbados Yacht Club to take place on Friday 04/03/2016 at 3:00 a.m. as scheduled.