2018 Gul GP14 World Championship – Day 2

The lack of sailing during Sunday for Day 1 of the Gul 2018 GP14 World Championship obviously whetted the appetite for competition as 80 turned out for the quiz which, remarkably, was won by team Chase & Tynemouth.

Day 2 (Monday) looked like it was going to involve a battle of wits with the water rather than the quizmaster as we were greeted with clouds and a light breeze. From the shore the forecast F4 looked accurate as we queued up to get down the slip way.

After a quick practice gate start we were off. Dave Young and Nic Booth (South Staffs SC) were the first pathfinder although it took two attempts to get it going with the first start abandoned. Finally, we were off for the first race of the champs.

This is where it gets highly technical. The only way to describe the wind and sea state was ‘a bit weird’! Going upwind you were surfing waves and down wind it was just odd. There was some big chop but the wind was probably a F3. It was also really shifty. There were a few pond sailors struggling to find their feet, including Shane MacCarthy who fell out as he was about to go through the gate and Jack Bennett (Shustoke SC) who fell out half way up the first beat.

Race 1 looked like business as usually for Ian Dobson and Andy Tunnicliffe (Burwain SC) when they won but the results behind them were a little more interesting. Second was Colman Grimes and Sam Wray (Skerries/Sligo) and Sam Mettam and Tim Saunders (Papercourt/Staunton) were third.

The pathfinder for Race 2 was Nick Devereux and Geoff Edwards from Budworth SC and it didn’t pay for them, or any of us who went early and left. The waves and wind died down a little for the second but it was still incredibly shifty and difficult to pick. Having managed to stay in the boat for this race Shane and Taxi showed their prowess and won. The jury were enjoying themselves in this race and although it wasn’t really that easy to pump given the lumpiness, Steve and Jack Bennett, John Hayes and Joel James (Southport SC) were waved at to do turns. The most amusing infringement though was Paul and Tom Simes (Cardiff Bay SC) who were done on the line and had to sail back to do their turns. Second was Matt Burge and Simon Potts (Poole YC) and third Tom Gillard and Andy Thompson (Sheffield Viking/East Antrim).

The highlight of my day came after Race 2 as Taxi sailed an unsuspecting Shane towards me when he got caught short and I was flashed by the world champ. The second highlight of my day came watching Andy Smith and Phil Hodgkins first effort at a gate start for Race 3. Later winning a WOW award (Wally of the Worlds) the boys managed to start the wrong side of the buoy on the first attempt. After a general they got off to a flier and the Gingerboats team lead from start to finish with Matt Burge taking another second and Ross Kearney and Ed Bradburn from South Staffs SC a third.

The results at the end of the three races looked very odd with no one pairing really showing consistency and some championship hopes already dashed. Tomorrow brings the Platinum Fleet cut after the fourth race of the day and hopefully less 90 degree wind shifts!

Thanks to today’s sponsors HD Sails, Yachting Sunnies, Typhoon Covers, Dinghy Tec, Selden and Impact Marine.

Full list of prize winners can be found on the GP14 website. You can follow the coverage live by visiting the GP14 coverage page: https://gp14.org/worlds2018/ or via the GP14 Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.